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How a $25 million donation to help students got ensnared in politics

Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images San Francisco is once again fighting over billionaires’ philanthropic power. Billionaire philanthropy is once again on the defense in San Francisco, the home of many a tech billionaire. The latest backlash centers on a city proposal to get 20,000 schoolchildren some in-person teaching and playtime this summer, after city public

If Mark Zuckerberg won’t fix Facebook’s algorithms problem, who will?

Facebook’s new oversight board isn’t looking at the platform’s core design. | Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images Facebook’s oversight board is meant to take on the platform’s toughest content decisions. Should that include its algorithms? All eyes are on Facebook’s oversight board, which is expected to decide in the next few weeks if former President

At least one member of Congress thinks we need a government agency to regulate social media companies

Technology company executives at Thursday’s hearing had different reactions to Welch’s proposal. | Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images During a hearing with tech CEOs, Rep. Peter Welch asked if they’d be open to a new federal agency focused on social media platforms. How can Congress best regulate the monstrosity that is Facebook? At a House

Amazon employees accuse the company of union-busting after it removes workers from an internal directory

Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images The new controversy centers on Amazon deleting the profiles of hundreds of thousands of entry-level warehouse employees. Last week, Amazon made changes to its internal online staff directory, deleting hundreds of thousands of entry-level warehouse workers’ profiles from a tool that allows any company employee to view the full

10 ways office work will never be the same

One of the many conference rooms at the then-startup Gusto, in San Francisco in 2018. | Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images From where we work to how our work is measured, office work will be permanently different after the pandemic. Someday, perhaps someday soon, when vaccination rates are high enough and the coronavirus
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